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Laurel Ridge    Beverly Hills     Florida

Laurel Ridge Board of Directors and duties
The responsibilities of each Board Member are listed below.

President – Don Williams                        270-8005                dpwilli37@yahoo.com

•        Oversee all Board functions and preside over monthly and annual meetings.
•        Prepare agenda for all meetings.
•        Prepare “President’s Message” for the Laurel Ridge Leaf.
•        Interface with Villages Services.
•        Budget Committee
•        Interface with Mani-cure and Coast to Coast

Vice President – Paul MacIntyre                248-420-7352                pmacintyre611@gmail.com

•        Oversee condition and repair of coach lamps.
•        Mailbox inventory

Treasurer – John Morse                         566-7974        jfmorse.john@gmail.com

•        Monitor financials.
•        Sign checks.
•        Post monthly copy of the Financial Report on the bulletin board.
•        Member of Budget Committee

Secretary – Ron Stewart                        513-4922        stewart969@hotmail.coms

•        Present minutes at Board and Annual Meetings.
•        Oversee ballot counting at Annual Meeting.
•        Clubhouse
•        Interface with Villages Services regarding cleaning company.
•        Buy and inventory janitorial supplies.
•        Spot check for condition and replenishment items.
•        Handle reservations for use of clubhouse – check after each event – return deposit checks, when applicable.
•        Oversee lighting of Laurel Ridge entrance signs.

•        Activities Committee                - Jill Killoran
•        Communications Committee        - Jill Killoran        


Director – Nancy Goutas                        352 513 4289          nhdivoll@hotmail.com
•        Lease property tracking (file at VSC) -- oversee to ensure leases are up- to- date in accordance with Deed
•        Welcome Committee – Carol Turnquist

Director – Randall Canter                        746-3045        randy.canter@yahoo.com

•        Modification Committee -- liaison
•        Emergency Contact List
•        Update Homeowner Directory
•        Make certain items not resolved at the Modification Committee are directed to the Hearing and Fining