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Laurel Ridge
Welcome Committee

The vision of the Welcome Committee is to present Laurel Ridge
as the friendly and welcoming neighborhood that it truly is.
After new families have moved in, we ask them to come to a
Welcome Party, which is currently held twice a year. Our team of
ladies make a presentation of interesting items and activities,
and bring new residents up to speed on elements pertinent to
living in Laurel Ridge.  We also provide useful handouts and
alert our guests to activities and attractions available to them. At
the Welcome Party, residents can get to know other new
families, find things in common, and start making new friends
while enjoying some homemade treats.

It's fun for both us and for our guests.  We make sure we answer
all the questions these new families have. We also encourage
them to join in by coming to our featured monthly activity &
dinner at the Laurel Ridge Rec Center.  This, of course, takes
time and effort from our volunteers, but we feel it's time well

If you have any questions for the Welcome Committee, or are an
'owner' or even a long-term tenant, and have not had a Welcome,
please contact Carol Turnquist at 352-419-0058,
or by email at  Your call is “welcome” any